Programmi spaziano dalla scrittura di testi di argomento biologico

About Biologare

Biologare is a division of VorteQ Consulting, a company providing scientific and technology consulting. Our core activities include scientific writing and education in areas related to biology and ecology, both in English and Italian. Our work is mainly focused on children but we also offer courses for adults upon request. We collaborate with schools, museums, and both private and governmental organizations. Our activities are conducted in class or in the field, depending on the situation and requirements.      

Biologare is managed by Cristiana Barzaghi, who has carried out extensive research both in the field of fish biology and in the ecology of aquatic environments. She has worked in Italy, Singapore, Canada and Hong Kong. Cristiana has a wide experience teaching and doing environmental education at university level, in schools and for recreational purposes. Click here for her brief CV. If you would like to contact Cristiana directly for any questions regarding Biologare's activities please email her at: or call +41 (0)76 796 32 67.

Postal Address

    C/O VorteQ Consulting
    Via Morena 5
    6900 Massagno


Tel: +41 (0)76 796 3267